Tea Garden Kaligua (Kebun Teh Kaligua)

In Bumiayu central java Indonesia, precisely in the village Pandnsari Paguyangan, there are tea plantations Dutch colonial heritage that still exists today. The scenery is beautiful, weather was cool, fresh air no less a tourist attraction west java Peak.

Kaligua Tea Garden was established in 1889. Kaligua tea plantation is located in the west of the foot of Mount Slamet precisely in the Village Pandansari Paguyangan Brebes in Central Java, with a height of 1500-2050 m above sea level and the temperature between 8o - 28o C.
A tea garden on the slopes of Mount Slamet is a garden with a natural landscape, the natural freshness and pollution-free, suitable for garden shed Kaligua tired and relaxing with family.
Kaligua Tea Plantation located on the west slope of Mount Slamet, the highest mountain in Central Java can be reached within 30 minutes from the city Bumiayu using public transport.

Tea plantations have Kaligua agro tourism facilities complete with outdoor games exciting rides. Facilities offered include a Tea Walk, Nursery Tea, Harvest Tea, Tea Processing Factory, Tea Services, Lodging, tennis courts, Billiard, camping area, Out Bound Games, Petilasan (Van De Jong, Mbah Joko), Ancient Turbine, Goa Japan, Tuk Bening, West Goa, Peak Sakub.
Now you can enjoy the natural scenery and fresh air in there because it is open to the public as agro tourism arena. PTP is managed plantations owned (SOEs).
From the direction of Jakarta-Navan, Bumiayu town then turn left at the T-junction Kaligua (more megenal people with the name "pertelon Kaligua)". The road was slightly uphill and winding, but the hot mix asphalt so no need to worry about going into a skid.
On the way we will be treated to beautiful scenery nan, rice fields, forested hills of pine, then enter the higher regions, there is a vast expanse of garden potatoes from farmers. Of course there are rivers with clear water flow and cool nan.
Before getting to the farm, stop at lake Ranjeng. The small lake is elongated between the hill-2 potato fields owned by farmers, and some pine trees that fell into the sky.
This lake is famous for its thousands of catfish, which will be clustered over food (rice or bread) that we scatter .... You can hold catfish catfish. Because there is a myth, people who dare to eat catfish pond Ranjeng, it will be subject to the accident .... wow, serramm. This myth turns out there positiffnya: catfish pond ranjeng sustainable today. But sometimes there are times when catfish pond ranjeng not come out of one. They are either 'go' anywhere, whether 'ngerong' go to the bottom lake or 'transformed' into rat pest of rice farmers. that, even hold it, but there are taboos: do not ever make it to the consumption of fish (grilled or fried catfish make, for example)
Similarly, some people believe that attack rice rats derived from catfish catfish Ranjeng the 'change', so sometimes there are offerings there to 'soften' their attacks.
But behind the legends and myths that until now is still strong in the community around the lake Ranjeng has unique characteristics which we can not find in the natural attractions anywhere, and we can not feel alone if we do not come right there.
From the lake Ranjeng, 3 km further is Kaligua tea plantations. After paying fees at the gate, park your vehicle in the parking lot not far from the gate. You get a short break in the cafe or if in groups can rent the hall for a meal-2 together. You can begin to walk around the gardens of green tea with fresh air. For children who love to play in water, a swimming pool and a bowling mini outbound ...
traveled to Kaligua not complete it if you do not feel the sensation down the aisle cave Japan. Artificial cave Nipon occupiers of land is said to be the hiding place of the Japanese army officials. Was under the hillside tea gardens, this cave has a length of 800 mtr's hallway, but for safety's only about 300 meters that may be explored. If Sunday in the hallway cave neon will be lit, but actually it would be sensational if we use spotlight (flashlight) or torch alone. There is a captive space, meeting rooms, space weapons in that cave ... guide will accompany these caves.

The highest peak is the peak tea plantation Kaligua Sakub (+ / - 2060 asl). Can be reached by foot or car. For those who like off-road, of course, very pleased to browse the rocky path uphill, winding like a mosquito. From the top, we will see a vast expanse of farm, village residents on the west side, and the peak of Mount Slamet on the east side. Very beautiful panorama is if you can see the sun rising from behind Mount Slamet, of course if the weather is not foggy and friendly alias bermendung.
at times there is also a cave spring water is cold and clear. the spring called by residents around the time the cave as "Tuk Bening".
as the name suggests spring water is very clear and cold, to the point that if we take a bottle of aqua will be out moisture outside the bottle like a new water taken from the engine coolant.
there are also specialty so do not worry, if you want to enjoy the mountains and the cold of the night sounds of crickets and grasshoppers meinkmati evening sunrise at the top sakub.

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